Star Thistle Honey

Star Thistle Honey

Star Thistle Honey Gift

Gourmet Honey Gift Pack Star thistle honey gift, awarded “America’s favorite” honey, is included in our hexagon jar of 5.5 ounces. Also included are three other world class gourmet honeys; the noted tupelo honey from the Choctahatchee, Chipola, and Appalachicola River systems of Florida, Blackberry honey from the Pacific Northwest, and the rare Palmetto Honey from the fringes of the Everglades. All four gourmet honeys are raw honey for premium tastes and healthy benefits.

Star thistle honey grows from the yellow star thistle plant that immigrated from the Mediterranean almost a hundred years ago. The yellow star thistle plant has spread to all 48 lower states and sections of Canada. Yellow star thistle honey is primarily collected from Washington, California and Michigan. The yellow star thistle plant only grows in large enough perfusion to produce honey in small pockets in these states as it has been eradicated as a weed diligently by farmers and county agencies.

Star thistle honey is described as “sunbeam in a bottle”™, actually glowing as warm rays of yellow gold and has been heralded as “smoother than silk”, “heaven on a spoon”, “taste bud fantasy”, “never thought honey could taste like the smell of flowers”, “should be eaten a cappella”, or “just draw the drapes, let the symphony play while you and the spoon dip into the star thistle honey!”

Honeys have never tasted as good as yellow star thistle honey. Enjoy 4 flavors in this Honey Gift Pack, (or send it to a friend). The star thistle honey gift pack is the one gift that will get rave reviews from the recipient, WE GAURANTEE IT!

Star thistle honey is popular to use as a creamed honey. It is light white in color and when creamed (a method of allowing the star thistle honey to crystallize into a easily spreadable texture that is the most popular use of honey in England and Australia), the star thistle honey becomes a manageable spread.

Star thistle honey gift pack can be shipped to your recipient with a greetings message from you. Let the Gourmet Honey Gift Pack treat fill your gift needs on your next special gift giving occasion.

Star Thistle Honey
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