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Star Thistle Honey Shortage

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Star Thistle Honey Shortage is a possibility for the 2008 honey crop. There are several prevalent factors that have been working against the bees for years. buy Gourmet Honey NowHive decline, foul brood, mites, Africanized Bees, and wax moths are but a few of the reasons bees have had to overcome in order to put up a surplus crop of honey that the bee keeper could take without harming the hives chances for winter survival.

Colony collapse disorder was the bedtime fear of last fall. This spring star thistle honey beekeepers awoke to a new twist. Beehive die-off. As many as 95% of beehives died last winter in Washington State. Thinking the “condition” was localized, Washington State University went into overdrive to find out why the bees only died in great numbers in Washington State. It soon became evident that the event was global with similar reports coming from England.

There is speculation that the cause of the bee die-off or abandonment is caused by the rampant use of cell phones that may disrupt bee fight navigation. Star Thistle honey is gathered in remote areas that have little cell phone coverage, however the commercial beekeeper usually travels long distances to gather honey and pollinate various crops before gathering star thistle honey.

Haagen Dazs ice cream giants have started a global bee awareness website where you can glean and help the bees, beekeepers and yourself. Your immediate response may be, “how could I benefit from helping bees?” Well 35 % of everything you eat depends on bees to pollinate it. If we don’t help the bees this year we may face food shortages as soon as next year!

Yellow Star thistle honey is the number one favorite of all gourmet honeys. The projected  yellow star thistle honey shortage may increase the price of honey. More important than the price of honey is that we support our beekeepers and keep the local bee populations healthy and numerous!

Star Thistle Honey
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